Not all of this will be required. A licensed loan officer will guide you through this paperwork.

The paperwork

1. Completed application signed by you
2. Quality control release
3. Purchase agreement plus all addendums
4. Application fee
5. Requests for verification signed by you
6. Picture IDs
7. Social Security card
8. Name and address of a nearest relative
9. Certificate of Eligibility (VA loans)
10. Lock-in agreement and deposit
11 Green card for a resident alien

Income, Asset & Liability Verification

Income verification which may include any of the following:

A. Verification of employment signed by employer
B. Complete tax returns for last 2 years including all schedule W-2s and any pertinent information from an accountant
C. Partnership tax returns and K-1s
D. Corporate tax returns
E. Sub-Chapter S tax returns
F. Partnership agreements or corporate articles and    by-laws
G. Current balance sheet, P\L for partnership or

A licensed loan officer will guide you through this paperwork.

Corporation prepared by an accountant
H. Verification of tangible assets or income from assets
I. Pension statements
J. Social Security statements
K. Marriage dissolution or separation property settlements
L. Alimony or child support documents
M. Statement of benefits and entitlements

Assets or liabilities verification which may include any of the following:

1. Verification of earnest money paid
2. Canceled checks
3. Bank statements
4. HUD-1 statement from purchase or sale of property
5. Statements from stockbrokers
6. Verification of mortgage signed by the lender
7. Verification of rent signed by the landlord
8. Gift letter from a donor with verification that the funds have been given to you

Other underwriting stuff

A. Letters explaining late payments, credit issues, gaps in employment
B. Diploma or transcript from a school
C. Medical leave information
D. Military discharge and separation (DD214)
E. Discharge papers from bankruptcy and petition (including list of
F. Certified copy of court decree for divorce and /or dissolution of
G. Lease agreements
H. Satisfaction of any judgments, tax liens or other prior liens
I. Letter from employer stating relocation policy and specific benefits


1. 100% Completion/final inspection
2. Value and marketability supported by an appraisal
3. Legal description and address
4. Access to property documented
5. Maintenance and easement agreements if there are private
roads or shared wells
6. Compliance with local code and zoning requirements, such as
private well and septic certifications, mechanical certifications,
evidence of electrical and other repairs, reports or documents certifying structural soundness.
7. Condo/PUD association documents, insurance forms, FNMA
form 1028
8. Plans and specifications
9. FHA Builder warranty
10. HOW Warranty
11. Receipt for improvements made and paid by you
12. Certificate of occupancy

Title /Closing

A. Clear marketable title and lender’s title
B. Insurability of easements and encroachments
C. Location of Abstract or Owner’s Duplicate Certificate of Title
D. Property survey
E. Paid flood insurance policy
F. Mortgage insurance policy
G. One-year paid hazard insurance policy or binder
H. Certified funds for closing made payable to you
I. Notification to the existing lender of pending payoff
J. Satisfaction of conditions required by the underwriters
K. Personal identification
L. Deeds, releases, satisfactions, affidavits, assignments, lien
waivers and other documents required by the title insurer

John DeBrito

SOLD Real Estate Company